What women want in bed


Women’s sexual preferences vary, from the most romantic, to the most passionate. Some prefer tenderness and subtle touches, while others get very hot when the partner takes control in the bedroom. Here’s what women, some of them shy, some more daring, want to do in bed with the men they love:

Kisses and more kisses

Kiss her slowly. Take some time before you touch her lips, but be careful about her answer. Kiss her cheeks, neck, forehead and pay attention to the areas that are often ignored, such as the back. Start tender, but do not hesitate to kiss her with passion. Try to kiss the area of the clavicle, that area at the edge of her neck, try to pass your fingers gently on her column while kissing her slowly. If you do these things you will surely be rewarded, and she will want to satisfy you even more.

The prelude must begin before reaching the bedroom

For some men, there are two types of prelude: being touched or anticipating touch. For women, however, the mind is the most erogenous area. There is not a good enough replacement for mental stimulation or intelligent discussion. You can seduce a woman before she realizes that she is seduced, only with a look or with an affirmation. Make her feel important and desired. If you like a girl from Jullieta.ch, try to talk to her and tell her what you love to do, to heat up the things a little before your meeting.

Take control

Many women want the same thing: the partner to take control in the bedroom. Women want a confident and passionate man to take control from time to time. If your partner lets you do that in bed, it means she trusts you.

Oral sex should not be neglected

According to some studies, about 75% of women do not get to orgasm just by penetration, which means that oral sex can be the saving solution for the partner to be satisfied. Women need to feel special, desired and pampered, but they also need comfort. Give her time and attention.

Various movements and rhythms

Many women say they have met men who have only one “speed” when they make love: fast. Women prefer an alternation of rhythm. In addition, they want the partner to use their hands, tongue and mouth in sexual intercourse.

Let her take control

Power can be an effective incentive for both women and men. If most of the women are not the followers of sadomasochism, many of them would like to dominate their partner from time to time. Also, some women prefer to have full control in bed.

Get her naked slowly

Most of the time, couples get down to business without wasting any time. Seduction, however, requires a slower pace. Discover her body, admire her, comfort her. So if you do not hurry once you get to bed, it will excite her even more, making her want you even harder, sometimes even jump on you, which will result in an explosive sexual experience for both of you. Learn to control and enjoy the moment. With trust and patience in your mind, you will both be pleased.

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