If you haven’t tried drinking your own urine then you haven’t tried everything. Urine therapy is a treatment many acne victims claim is highly effective havening therapy near me.

What is urine therapy?

It comes in two forms. You can use urine internally (that is, drink it) or externally (apply it on your skin).

How could drinking urine cure acne?

Nobody really knows. The books and websites promoting urine therapy offer wild explanations – and often venture beyond the line of sanity.

One explanation is that urine is a rich mixture of nutrients. While it’s true that urine contains many vitamins and minerals, you have to keep in mind that these are nutrients your body rejected. It didn’t need those nutrients. So feeding them back doesn’t make much sense. Also the nutrients came from foods and supplements you took, so there you have a more socially acceptable way to get more nutrients.

Another explanation is that urine contains antibodies (sort of disease fighting chemicals). Feeding them back to your body supposedly helps your body to fight acne causing bacteria. Most doctors find this explanation hard to believe. That’s because those antibodies came from the body in the first place. So feeding them back doesn’t give your body any new information or acne fighting tools.

Whether we understand how urine therapy works doesn’t change the fact that it has helped many people. Anecdotal evidence suggests that it is particularly effective against allergies. Many people have gotten over allergies by drinking their own urine – as difficult to believe as that sounds.

If urine therapy helps acne it’s probably through this mechanism. For many people acne has a strong allergic component; allergies cause inflammation which aggravates acne.

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